RCC – Specialists
in Blades

RCC is a leading company in the sector, specializing in the production and sharpening of blades for various industrial applications. With more than two decades of unwavering dedication and continuous improvement, it is committed to meeting its customers expectations and challenges.

We offer a wide range of blades and related materials, adapted to meet the strictest industrial requirements, such as food processing and plastics recycling, paper processing, label printing, graphic arts, cork production, textile manufacturing, processing of rubbers and fibres, hospital equipment and more. 
We also excel in the design and machining of precision components, plates and moulds, using state-of-the-art CNC milling technology. Our technology allows us to produce complex components with high quality, maximum precision and efficiency.
At RCC, quality and innovation are the main focus. Our professionals are committed to providing solutions that optimise performance, increase productivity and drive customer success.
Contact us and discover how RCC can elevate your projects through advanced blade solutions and precision machining services.


Our mission is to provide precision cutting solutions and CNC machining services through the perfect combination of professionalism and technology. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we continually strive to exceed our customers expectations by providing high-quality blades and CNC machining services that drive their success.


Our vision at RCC is to stand out as a global leader in the production of industrial blades and CNC machining, offering innovative, high-tech solutions that drive the progress and efficiency of our customers projects. With a focus on excellence and technology, we aspire to become the ideal partner for the most demanding companies.


At RCC, our values shape our daily approach, guide our actions and ensure high quality products, driven by technological advancement and a commitment to sustainability and ethics. We value excellence, innovation, integrity, collaboration and environmental and social responsibility.

Social Responsibility

We have a deep respect for the communities in which we operate and are dedicated to making a positive impact on their development. We actively support local social and educational initiatives, promote diversity and inclusion in our workplace, and maintain rigorous safety and well-being standards with our employees.

In addition, we foster partnerships with different stakeholders, with whom we share the same ethical and social values, with the aim of creating a positive and lasting change in society.

Environmental Responsibility

At RCC, we are committed to environmental conservation and reducing our ecological footprint. We implement sustainable practices in all our operations, including the adoption of cleaner production technologies, efficient waste management and responsible use of natural resources.

We also look for opportunities to minimise our carbon footprint by promoting biodiversity conservation in our operational areas.